OBC Media Productions

Our purpose is to develop a ministry that will primarily focus on bringing Olivet's message of "Globalizing the Gospel and building a Ministry that  Ministers" through the use of recording, production, multi media and technology services as a means of getting the message of God's word out to the world. This ministry works with other ministries in Olivet to record and produce quality programming for DVDs/CDs, radio, television, streaming and sale to church members as well as the general public.
Olivet recognizes that there are families and individuals who are in need of spiritual assistance.
Our world is constantly changing; technology continues to advance more frequently then ever. Ministering to the masses today is being done in numerous ways which include television, radio, CDs, DVDs, and the world wid wide. One of the ways of ministering to the masses is with outreach that allows families and individuals to hear a word from the Lord through the use of media and technology. It is the hope of this ministry that Olivet's work can continue to move towards the future by using these tools.